DBL Gas Solutions

Gas Detection and Control Systems
By HTK-Hamburg®

For more than 20 years HTK-Hamburg been a manufacturing and suppling stationary and mobile gas detection systems for all types of gases and applications. HTK-Hamburg gas detection systems provide reliable protection against the dangers found during chemical processes and all other areas where gases are used, such as the food, medical and metal industries. They manufacture reliable sensors for all types of gases that provide early stage detection of hazards and warnings of impending danger. With SCENTY® gas detection systems you increase the safety of your employees, meet the legal requirements for occupational and industrial safety and comply with accident prevention regulations. SCENTY® is manufactured according to the proven modular system of HTK-Hamburg. The generous displays allows the user to view all the important information at a glance. Alarms, faults and operating conditions are also signaled via LED indicators. Simple intuitive operation and menu navigation system contributes significantly to overall safety.

Scenty® Gasman Personal Gas Monitors

Scenty Personal Gas Monitor

The Scenty Gasman sets new standards for personal gas monitors detecting oxygen and flammable and toxic gases. Designed for use in the toughest environments Scenty Gasman offers an unbeatable combination of powerful loud and bright alarms with a stunningly compact and lightweight design. Together with its rugged impact resistant construction and compliance to IP65 and IP67 Scenty Gasman is the ideal choice for personal monitoring in demanding industrial environments.

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Scenty® Gas Control Modules

Scenty Gas Control Module

The monitoring of gases and vapours is necessary in many industrial and commercial buildings in order to satisfy the legal requirements and guidelines for occupational / operational safety and for explosions and emissions protection. In areas with risks of gas leaks (explosion, hazardous, Ox and Tox-areas), sophisticated stationary gas detection systems optimally cover the area being monitored. Saftey measures are automatically triggered including, acoustic or visual alarms, ventilation Systems activated and equipment disabled whenever necessary.

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Fixed Gas Sensor Modules

Fixed Gas Sensor Module

HTK-Hamburg's modular sensor design allows customization to the best sensor choice that continously monitors the air for flammable or toxic gas concentrations.

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Gas Mixers and Flowboxes

Scenty Flowbox Module

Utilizing Scenty's presice dosing and HTK-Hamburg's gas mixing expertise to improve your application, you will gain more consistant and ecconomical results.

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