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Scenty® Gasman Personal Gas Monitors

Scenty Gasman sets new standards for personal gas monitors for flammable, oxygen and toxic gases. Designed for use in the toughest environments Scenty Gasman offers an unbeatable combination of powerful loud and bright alarms with a stunningly compact and lightweight design. Together with its rugged impact resistant construction and compliance to IP65 and IP67 Scenty Gasman is the ideal choice for personal monitoring in demanding industrial environments.

Scenty® Gasman Personal Single Gas Monitor

True one button operation. Tough polycarbonate housing. Easy to read LCD display with backlight. High impact resistance. 30 Days advance calibration due warning IP65 and IP67 compliant. Fully interchangeable i-module sensors. 95dBA audible alarm with striking twin red/blue visual alarm and internal vibrating alarm. Flammable toxic and oxygen sensors available. Rechargeable version for all gas types, Dry cell versions for toxics and oxygen.

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Scenty® Gasman Personal Gas Monitor - Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Straight Forward Carbon Dioxide monitoring for ambient air. Highly accurate infra-red sensing technology. Inherently reliable, shockproof and weather protected. Proven Scenty technology, Intelligent sensors and self-checking functionality

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