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Special Adhesives and Adhesive Systems
from HTK-Hamburg®

Founded in 1978, HTK-Hamburg has always worked closely with its partners; well-known universities, research centres and international organizations. Their wide product range has enabled them to rapidly provide clients with standard solutions, and using their wealth of technical experience, design custom products for individual applications. Their technology uses the highest quality materials shown to be the most reliable and efficient on the market. HTK Ultra Bond 100® and HTK Ultra Strip 100® are exclusively developed and distributed by HTK Hamburg. These high quality products exceed the adhesive strength requirements stipulated in DIN EN 582, and have proved to be totally reliable over many years.

HTK Ultra Bond 100®

HTK UltraBond 100

HTK ULTRA BOND 100® is a single-pack epoxy resin adhesive and is used for the determination of adhesive strength according to DIN EN 582.

Packaged 200g Container Net

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HTK Ultra Strip 100®

HTK Ultra Strip 100

HTK ULTRA STRIP 100® is a remarkably effective solvent for removing of cured HTK ULTRA BOND 100®. It initiates and promotes flaking and breaking rather than pure solvent action.

Packaged 200ml Container Net

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FM® 1000 Adhesive Film

Cytec FM1000 Adhesive Film

FM® 1000 is a modified polyamide-epoxy unsupported adhesive film and is especially developed for bonding metals, structural plastic laminates and various composite structural plastic sandwiches

Packaged 100 disks

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