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Scenty® Ripening and Degreening Systems

Control And Monitoring of the Ripening and Degreening Process

By accurately metering the supply of either pure ethylene gas or a mixture of nitrogen and ethylene, the ripening process of fruits and vegetables can be scheduled to occur at a specific planned time. However, with certain fruits and vegetables, ethylene can produce exactly the opposite results as it can inhibit sprouting.

SCENTY® control
one solution for many areas of application:

  • Ripening
  • Degreening
  • Sprouting inhibition
  • Growth promotion

With SCENTY® you can increase the quality of your products since chemical anti-sprouting products are no longer necessary. Degreening or storage becomes residue free and without chemicals.

Scenty® Control For Pre-Mixed
Ethylene (C2H4) and Nitrogen (N2)

Scenty Ripening and degreening Control

Premixed ethylene and nitrogen gases are non-flammable due to the inert gas content. Therefore, specific fire or explosion protection measures are not required in the ripening rooms when using premixed gases and SCENTY® control are being used. Nevertheless, we recommend the use of gas detection systems which are designed for use in the food industry and which also ensure safety. With this reliable and proven hardware, the ripening and storage processes of all of your products will always be safe and consistent. In addition, we recommend that you observe and comply with the instructions in the safety data sheet and the IGS safety recommendations.

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Scenty® Control EX For Pure
Ethylene (C2H4)

Scenty EX Ripening and Degreening Control

Certain application processes do not allow the use of premixed gases. SCENTY® control EX is the solution for operation with flammable gas. SCENTY® control EX significantly reduces the risk of explosions. Safety is one of our top priorities.

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AtmoCheck® Mobile For Ethylene (C2H4)

Fast, Independent Monitoring of Residual Ethylene (C2H4) Gas

AtmoCheck® Mobile Handheld Ethylene Analyzer

AtmoCheck® Mobile for ethylene was developed specifically for greenhouse applications. This practical measuring device is particularly well suited for mobile measurement of ethylene concentrations. Hard to reach areas can be measured easily and reliably with the suction lance that is part of the system. AtmoCheck® mobile is characterised by its comfortable, easy operation, fast response and high degree of accuracy.

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